Steel Vs Plastic Wheelbarrows

Steel Wheelbarrows Vs Plastic Wheelbarrows, the eternal battle. Well, that might be a bit grand, but we often get asked which one is ‘better’ in our showroom, so here we are with this blog.

A green plastic wheelbarrow is on the left of the frame, a shiny steel wheelbarrow is on the right. Between them is a large VS graphic. Below it reads 'Plastic VS Steel Wheelbarrows'

Wheelbarrows are the most useful tool in any builder or gardener’s inventory, so it’s understandable that people want to know the suss before they buy one. But there is no *best* one – there is just a more suitable wheelbarrow for a certain task; they both offer their own benefits. We’ll look at the pros and cons of these two types of wheelbarrows and give you an example of which one will better suit your needs below.

Plastic Wheelbarrows Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Easier to move
  • Generally cheaper
  • The bucket won’t rust


  • Not suitable for heavy, awkward loads like concrete etc.
  • Can crack if overloaded
  • Can be scratched, punctured or cut by items like broken glass
  • Will fade or become brittle from years of sun exposure etc.

Suitable For: 

  • Lighter load lifting
  • General Gardener’s use
  • Family/Home use
  • Those who have nowhere specific to store a wheelbarrow

Check out our 90L plastic Wheelbarrow here, or our 100L plastic Wheelbarrow here. We also have a big, rugged Equestrian Wheelbarrow which is ideal for those of you with a lovely horse.

Steel Wheelbarrows Pros and Cons


  • Better for moving industrial materials
  • Sturdier, won’t fold.
  • Won’t fade/warp through sun exposure
  • Can take a beating – they won’t puncture or be cut open by commonly moved materials


  • Heavier to move than a plastic wheelbarrow
  • Can rust unless they’re galvanised (Rust can spread and eat into joints too)

Suitable For: 

  • Construction Sites
  • Those who need a wheelbarrow that’ll take a walloping
  • Heavy or Jagged Loads
  • Industrial Use

Our Steel Wheelbarrow supports 90Ls and it can be found here.


If you’ve any questions about any of this, call us at (01)8644247, or message us over on Facebook.

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