Kero 360 CE Wick Paraffin Heater


Battery powered means portable! 

No mains power required. You can take this heater around the house – or even camping!

Long Fuel Tank Life!

A full tank can last up to 83 hours. Stick it on over the long weekend full time and you’ll still have a half a day left in the tank.

Anti-Topple Feature!

Don’t worry if this heater gets knocked over by the pet, the anti-topple feature adds a line of defence. The heater will turn off when it detects a change in angle.

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The Tosai / Kero360 Heater against a wooden wall and sitting on a concrete base. It's a large boxy unit, with a black bottom haldf and a metallic upper half. In the metallic half, a silver, tubular burner can be seen. A large yellow sticker below this is emblazoned with a sign that says '3000W'
Kero 360 CE Wick Paraffin Heater


A USB rechargeable electric heater

A spare wick is always handy to have to hand. They’re not expensive, but bought later on their own will incur a delivery fee. Why not add one today and save on delivery in the future?