Garden Sheds Kilkenny

If you’re looking for a Garden Shed in Kilkenny, look no further. Whether you’re looking for a Wooden Shed in Castlecomer, a Flat-packed shed in Thomastown, or a steel shed supplied and fitted Callan, we have you covered. Sheds Direct Ireland are happy to be able to supply County Kilkenny with our range of fantastic sheds in 2021.

Garden Sheds Kilkenny: An aerial, overhead view of Kilkenny Castle by photographer Kevin B Leigh

Wooden Sheds in Kilkenny

Here you can find links to our Wooden Sheds, which are made in Wicklow and delivered to you in Kilkenny for assembly. The Wooden team can make almost any shed that you can think of and assemble it in your area. Kilkenny is the furtherst county that we deliver and assemble our steel sheds in, so there may be a slightly longer lead in time, but it’s generally no longer than a week more at most!


Garden Sheds Kilkenny: Steel Sheds

Alternatively, our Steel Sheds are available to be installed for you in Kilkenny; most people are surprised to learn that steel sheds are generally cheaper than Wooden Sheds, so there’s no better time to look at the vast range of steel garden sheds that we offer. Again, Kilkenny is one of the furthest counties that we deliver and assemble in, but in general, the lead-on times for steel sheds in Kilkenny shouldn’t be impacted too much.


Heavy Duty Sheds

The only sheds that we don’t deliver to Kilkenny, are our Heavy Duty Range. These are sheds that come in 4 walls and a roof and they require a flat-bed truck to transport. As such, these are not available outside of Dublin and the local areas of the  surrounding counties at this time. These can be collected from our Warehouse in Dublin however, but you will need to order more than a week in advance of coming to collect (as the team will need to have it ready as well as some manpower there on the day to load with you). You can find us on Google Maps, if you want to see where you need to come to collect.

a map showing the south east of Ireland. It shows Kilkenny and Finglas highlighted, showing the distance between the two.

Lead in time

If you want your steel shed flat-packed, you should expect to have it in 3-4 working days. This can be skewed by Bank Holidays or Christmas, but in general you should be waiting no longer than 5 working for a flat-packed steel sheds delivery. Please note that we don’t currently supply our wooden sheds flat-packed anywhere in Ireland.

If you want a steel shed or wooden shed assembled then, the lead in time is changeable. It will be drastically different, depending on when you order your shed. Normally you’re looking at about 3-4 weeks, but during peak season (May-August), you could be waiting up to 8-10 weeks for a wooden shed, or up to 6 weeks for a steel one. On the flip-side of this, it could be as little as 1 week for either in November or December.


How to order

You can order your new shed here on, or if you’d rather, you can call us at 01 864 4247.
We can facilitate deposit payment on our wooden sheds – call us to make a 12% deposit with the rest due before assembly. We don’t offer this service with our steel sheds currently.


Everywhere in Ireland

We don’t just serve Dublin and Kilkenny. Whether you’re in Cavan, or further North in Northern Ireland, over in Wicklow or anywhere else on the island, we can get a steel shed delivered to you – or with assembly!

Get in touch with us over on Facebook, Twitter or give us a bell at (01) 864 4247.