Wooden Playhouse

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The details

Our playhouses are structurally solid, child friendly, imagination machines. They’re available in different styles – The Barrel Board playhouse, The Wooden Castle and The Treehouse too! If you’re looking for a way to limit screen-time and keeping your children entertained in the garden, look no further. 

no rough edges on this product as shown here

We only use Deluxe or Barrel Board wood on our playhouses, so there’s no protruding wooden slats or rough finish to be worried about.

price list & Wood styles explained

Barrel Board Playhouse

Barrel Board are smoothed boards, with a bulged, log-style appearance. They’re the obvious choice for a children’s playhouse as they’re tough, sturdy and wipe clean easily. 

10ft Highest Point | Stable Door 59″

Pressure Treated barrel board Timber – 8ft x 6ft  – €1,040

Wooden Castle Kids Playhouse

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
Castle Greyskull
Minas Tirith

Children love castles. Hey, I love castles. What better way to spend an a weekend than letting your children dine with royalty, defend from the invading orc forces or create garden-based potions for Professor Snape?

Our wooden castle playhouse aren’t just structurally sound, pressure-treated things of beauty. They’re a portal to other dimensions too. Providing shelter from the rain too they’re the perfect place to play – and with the option of an additional slide, you’ll be hoping bedtime comes early so you can have a go yourself. 

Total Height 8ft  |  incl. 21″ Steps  |   Internal Height 4ft 5’’

 Planed Pressure Treated Timber – 5ft x 5.5ft – €995    |    Add slide €180 Extra


Treehouses have been a staple for children for years. Ours are safe, beautiful – and very importantly – boatloads of fun. With their own space, the option of a slide-exit and an elevated room under which they can also play, this will be loved by children of all ages. 

Elevated on four doubly supported legs, with two handrails on the ladder, your children can have fun without risking safety. 

 Planed Pressure Treated Barrel Board Timber – 8ft x 5ft – €995    |    Add slide €180 Extra

Please note the following when ordering: Wooden shed sizes are based  (L x W) on description, however, should you want your shed dimensions to be reversed please ensure you advise the sales agent when placing your order. Wooden shed prices are based on supply and fit in the Dublin and surrounding areas only. You will need to supply the sufficient amount of blocks required for underneath your shed, however, should you want us to supply these blocks for you please advise the sales agent of this and they can advise you of the cost. You are responsible for ensuring your ground is prepared for the date of your installation.