Wooden Shed Update

A picture of a pair of hands clasped together on the veranda of a wooden shed. The image is blurred and sharp letters sit on top that read 'Wooden Shed Update'

So you might have seen that bright yellow banner at the top of the website there. It’s telling you there’s a 10-week delay on wooden builds currently. Despite being to the point, we still get some questions about it, so I’m here today to address these.

Why is there a 10-week delay?

Sheds have never been this popular. Seriously, check out this graph of interest in sheds since the launch of Google:

Wie joke that everyone was sitting in their back gardens during COVID, looking at their shed and simultaneously all deciding that they needed an upgrade. This isn’t too far from the truth. Add into this the fact that our Wood Building team couldn’t work for the guts of 8 weeks, yet orders kept coming in and you can see why there’s a bottleneck.

When will my shed be ready?

It’s hard to say it without sounding rude or like we’re being short, but it will be ready, when it’s ready. Our wooden team are working flat out, putting in trojan work, assembling up to 15 sheds a day in some cases. They’re working as fast as they can, but as it is a laborious job, there is only so many that can be done in one day. As a result, they will get to you as soon as they can.

You will get a call 1-2 weeks before they are ready to assemble. The team will work out a time that suits both yourselves and them and it will be built then.

Can I jump the list?

We put this is because it’s being asked by a few people. The answer is short, no, you can’t.
The list is being worked through in order. We are not making any exceptions for anyone – I can’t even pull any strings for my Auntie Pat (sorry, Auntie Pat).

If you’ve any other questions (that aren’t terribly cheeky), you can call us at 01 864 4247 or message us on Facebook.

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Shed Lead Times written out as follows: Wooden Shed Assembly: 2.5-4 weeks Steel Shed Assembly: 2-3 weeks Steel Sheds Flatpacked 2-7 working days