What’s the deal with plywood?

a macro picture of a plywood floor with the text 'plywood information' photoshopped on top of it. The wood is a pale brown and it's the chipped variery of plywood.

Plywood is an inexpensive and quick way to lay a floor for any shed. Plywood is made from thin layers or chips of wood veneer that have been glued or fused together. They’re durable enough for general/home use as a floor without being overly heavy or expensive. We supply 18mm Smart Ply with all the Steel Sheds that we assemble. We cut the sheets to size and lay it flat for you as a part of our assembly service.

However, please be aware that plywood is not supplied with flat-packed Steel Sheds

Why do you not deliver the floor with all sheds?

18mm Smart Ply comes in sheets that are 8ft x 4ft in dimensions. For our flatpacked sheds, we just cannot deliver them due to size/weight restrictions. The third-party couriers use smaller vans, and they have lots of sheds to transport, so the ply is simply too big to include. Imagine a van filled with 30 sheds, for example. You’d need to add 120 sheets of ply to this if everyone wanted the floor! (But don’t worry, we’re not charging you for the floor with the flat-packed price!)

If you’re getting your shed assembled hwoever the floor is included. The assemble team are only taking 4 sheds maximum on their canter. This van is larger and has no height restriction, so they can take it with them for assemblies without issue.

What if I want to buy plywood for my flat pack steel shed?

We would recommend contacting the likes of Murdocks to get your flooring. It’s about €25-30 a sheet. You can contact us to find out how many sheets you’d need.

But most importantly, please note that if you’re buying the ply yourself, you will need to cut the ply to size.
You’re only buying the plywood, not the service that cuts it appropriately for your shed. You would need some power tools for cutting the ply, ideally.


Do you still have questions about plywood? Call us at 01 864 4247 or message us on Facebook during business hours and we’ll be able to help you out.





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