Solar Lights Package


Save €52

Buying these individually would cost you €272 normally. Now, you can get your hands on them for only €220!


Built in sensor

With 3 modes, you can choose the brightness of the light that is given off. You can also choose to have a motion sensor kick in – so as you walk by the light gets brighter!


Solar powered

These lights charge during the day and glow nicely once the sun fades into the evening.


Current Estimated Lead Times

Wooden Sheds
Wooden Sheds, Supplied & Fitted: 4-6 weeks from order processing
Wooden Sheds, Flatpacked: N/A (We do not sell flat-packed wooden sheds)

Steel  Sheds
Steel Sheds, Supplied & Fitted: 2 weeks from order processing
Steel Sheds, Flatpacked: 2-4 working days from order processing
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Other Small Items
2-4 working days from order processing via FastWay Couriers.

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