RX2485 CE Wick Heater


Portable (with no cables)! 

The Corona RX2485 requires no mains connection, meaning it can be moved without effort. You can even take it camping! Use batteries to auto-ignite, or just manually ignite the wick!

Long tank life!

One tank of fuel can burn for up to 85 hours!

Anti-Topple Technology!

Don’t worry – if the dog knocks this heater over, it’s anti-topple technology will kick in and turn the heater off.

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The Battery Powered Wick Heater Corona RX2485 Heater
RX2485 CE Wick Heater


A USB rechargeable electric heater

A spare wick is always handy to have to hand. They’re not expensive, but bought later on their own will incur a delivery fee. Why not add one today and save on delivery in the future?