Wooden Cabin Shed

 435.00 1,480.00

Pent Roof!

A pent roof means it doesn’t protrude above the boundary walls as much as other sheds. This is a neat, unobtrusive option for any garden.

Fully Customisable!

Add more windows, cat-flats, flower boxes and a whole host of other options of the Wooden Cabin.

Pressure Treatment Option Available!

Ensure your shed can withstand the elements and add an interior membrane lining with a Pressure Treatment option, available on the Wooden Cabin

Please read our guide on the difference in Wood Styles before choosing your shed

* Wooden Sheds are measured L x W
*Pictured blue lining is only supplied with Pressure Treated Deluxe or Barrel Board Sheds


*For Shed Sizes under 8ft x 6ft (e.g. 6×4) you do not require a cutdown service*

If you do not have side access with an unrestricted height, you will need a Cutdown Service.
This cuts the shed into smaller parts, so that it can be delivered. It does not affect the quality or appearance of the shed.

If you select ‘No’, you are stating that you have side access you your back garden, with no impediment to access with regards to height.

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