Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Sheds Direct Ireland

Our Christmas Gift Guide 2021 written on Christmasy background

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Sheds are not exactly the best present to unwrap on Christmas morning. Sure, they’re fantastic in general, but wrapped under a tree, well, they lack a certain, specific, eh, Christmassy charm. 

A photoshopped image of a shed wrapped up with a bow on it under an ornate Christmas tree as part of the gift guide 2021 from Sheds direct Ireland


So with more charming, personal, fun and present-y ideas in mind, we’re here to look a t some great Christmas gift ideas for Christmas 2021.

For the Mammies:

We’re all for flipping gender norms and all that, but Irish mammies are scientifically proven to be drawn to some things more than other types of people. Irish Mammies love Paul Costelloe stuff from Dunnes, they love reminding you to put on a bigger coat on the first day of November, they love Nevin Maguire, they love their youngest son more than the rest of the family combined and they love Door Canopies. Don’t shoot the messenger; it’s just science.

Here are some other things that are sure to be a hit with the Mammy in your life.


Candle Holders

Gifts for mams: Candle Holders

“That’s a lovely candle. Where’d you get that, Brigit?” 

If you’ve a Mam that’ll wax lyrical about their wax light and all, you can reap instant brownie points with a Candle Holder. They’re elegant, easy on the eye, they add a bit of safety and there are three sizes available in the range. So if you’ve someone who’s all ‘Yippee’ about their Yankee or someone who can’t leave the home alone without a Jo Malone, get them a fantastic Lantern style candle holder.

Price: From €40
Delivery: €12
Link: Candle Holders


Door Canopies

Things Irish Mammies Love: Door Canopies

One thing mammies hate is someone smoking in the house, ‘It gets into the wallpaper’. One thing smokers hate is getting lashed on when they’re trying to have a quick smoke. The solution is a door canopy. Elegant, something for young Donal to get up and install on St. Stephenseses Day and something that she can show off to her pals and say “My Donal put that up”.

5 sizes available.

Price: From €60
Delivery: €12
Link: Door Canopies



For the Outdoors-Types:


Camping Stove

Perfect got for outdoors people - the camping stove

There are few gifts better than the gift of, eh, not having hypothermia. One mighty be freshly cooked sausages after a long hike, but that’s debatable. This camping stove is the perfect outdoor heater for fishermen and women, hikers, hillwalkers, campers and more. It’ll keep them warm and y’know, alive and it serves as a portable stove too.

Price: €130
Delivery: €12
Link: Camping Stove


Pop Up Stools

The perfect christmas gift for hikers, the pop up stool. Here you can see 6 different colours available.

The pop up stool is the essential knee-saver. Picture it, you’re out walking about hills like a champion, or you’re standing at a festival all day. You’re starting to get those pangs above the knee and around your calf muscles. You shouldn’t have skipped leg day, but you did and now the twiglets that are supporting your upper body are in need of respite. If only there was a circular disc that could transform into something conveni-OHMYGOD.

The pop up stool is small, discreet and easy to carry. When you’re feeling like you need a rest, but don’t want to sit on the muck like a common pleb, the Pop up stool is the perfect go-to gadget. It’s a bargain too.

Price: €19.99
Delivery: €12
Link: Pop Up Stools

For the Family:

Most people spend the Christmas with their families (whether they want to or not). There are lots of things that the family as a whole can enjoy over Christmas and beyond. Here are our choices to while away the Winter together with.

LED Swing Chair

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 - the perfect gift for families is an LED Swing Chair

The LED Swing Chair is made with heavy duty polycarbonate and it’s filled with RGB LED lights. It can be soothing or riotous – you choose what speed you want it at, what colour you’d like it to be while you lounge away on it. It’s perfect for families with younger children acting as a centrepiece to the living room at Christmas before becoming a staple in the garden. It can also serve as a part of a sensory room, adding some visual interest, calming shifts in colour all while allowing for a relaxing place to sit.

For others, it can be a great party piece. You may have seen these at a wedding already; calm during the reception, but then flickering to the beats during the afters!

Price: €499
Delivery: €50
Link: LED Swing Chair


For the Green-fingered

We have LOTS of Garden Products that are worth checking out, but for Christmas, we’ve three that we think are particularly worth talking about

LED Plant Pots

Christmas presents for gardeners - LED plant Pots

Do you know someone with a garden that’s exceptionally well kept, but a little bit, well, dull? These LED Garden Pots will brighten them up. Literally. These rechargeable, heavy-duty garden pots are ideal for indoor or outdoor use and we’ve a range of sizes for any garden. They can be a calming, static colour for more sedate gardens, or they can be ultimate disco machines flickering through the RGB colour gamut at a speed of your choice. Two of these plant pots also serve as ideal drinks coolers!

Price: From €30
Delivery: €12
Link: LED Plant Pots


Garden Tool Box 

Christmas gifts for Gardeners - a garden tool box

The Garden Tool Box has enough in it to keep the most green-fingered person happy. It has trowels, miniature rakes, edging tools, spray bottles, snippers and loads more that’ll suit smaller garden upkeep. So if you’ve someone that’s a bit plant-daft, you can’t go wrong with this. It’s only €17 too!


Price: Tool Box: €17
Delivery: €12
Link: Garden Tool Box


Garden Lights

A great gift for Irish gardeners: Garden Lights

You put all that effort into making your garden worthy of being in the Chelsea Flower Show and then half the time it’s in darkness. Well, our Solar powered, LED Garden Lights are the elegant, affordable solution to this issue. They come on at dusk, lighting up your garden throughout the night. You can gaze upon your dimly lit garden as the nights draw in. Perfect.

Just remember to put them somewhere that gets a direct line-of-sight to the sky!

Price: From €49.99
Delivery: €12
Link: Garden Lights




For the new home-owners


The perfect gift for new homowners this Christmas - Fire pits!

So you know someone who has just moved into their house. Everyone else has bought them bedding, toasters and picture frames. Not you. They need something else, something to use after they’ve eaten all their toasted duvets and Live, Laugh, Love prints. There’s no better gift for a new homeowner than a break from doing up the home. These simple to use fire-pits provide a break in the garden, away from the madding paint and wallpapering. They give a quick place to entertain at and even act as a make-shift marshmallow toasting station too. Perfect.

We have three styles available too!

Price: From €150
Delivery: €12
Link: Fire Pits


For the Biker

Bike Stand / Bike Chock

The ideal gift for bikers this christmas is a bike stand or bike chock!

There is nothing better than having a loved one who has a super focused passion. Oh, you love Jazz? You better believe I’m buying you something Jazz related this Christmas you angular, confusing, beard-and-turtleneck-wearing, loveable weirdo, you. However, is there anything worse than having a loved one who has a super focussed passion that’s eye-wateringly expensive to get into?

“Motorbikes?! I’m not buying you a motorbike. Take off those leathers. Put yer turtleneck back on”, I hear you exclaim. But wait. What if this particularly biker has no bike stand – or even if they do, they don’t have a portable one for keeping their bike upright while it’s in transit? Well then, you’re sorted.

This Bike Stand / Bike Chock is boltable, lightweight, sturdy and loved by bikers (I know, I’ve asked a few).

Price: €58
Delivery: €12
Link: Motorbike Stand


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