How to choose a metal shed

The first step is deciding what you are going to store, how much room you are going to need in your shed and what space is available.Normally sheds 4m * 4m or smaller do not require council approval. If in doubt check with your local building authorityTry to place your shed in a sheltered place, out of the way of high winds. Ensure access will be possible once the shed has been erected and bear in mind the height of the sheds surroundings. If you are torn between a larger or a smaller shed, we would always suggest the larger – you will get better value for money and it’s amazing how quickly sheds can fill up!

How to choose a base for your shed

Once you have chosen the size and where your shed will go in your garden you need to prepare a firm and level site if not already in place.

It is crucial that you provide a level and dry foundation. If your shed base is not level, or subsides over time, then the screw holes connecting the wall panels will not line up, the structural integrity of your metal garden shed will suffer, and you may find leaks at the base frame, panels breaking, and doors sticking

Two of the main types of base suitable for a metal garden shed are either

*A Concrete Base

*A Paving Slab Base

Whichever method you decide to choose, we advise you allow a 2-inch (5 cm) lip around the base of your garden shed. To calculate the size of base required for the particular shed you wish to build, add 4 inch to the overall base dimensions to ensure an adequate base size. All of our shed dimensions can be found on the “Shed Specifications” page.