Brexit Business Update

Brexit Business Update

Brexit has hit a lot of everyday products hard, but the good news for our customers is that all our products are entirely unaffected by Brexit.

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The Good News

No Import, VAT or Duty

All our sheds come from Ireland and are not subject to any import VAT or duty. What you see in the checkout on our website is what you’re paying. You won’t get hit with ay additional fees, charges or anything else after the fact.

No long delays

You won’t be waiting on your shed making its way through any slow-moving ports either. Our sheds are shipped from our Dublin warehouse. Once the shed you want is in stock, you can get it delivered in 4-5 business days.

No Customs paperwork

Getting customer paperwork after a purchase is a kick in the nethers. They’re complicated and can be costly too. Even certain couriers aren’t prepared to deal with these either, so sheds coming into Ireland from the UK can be hit with extra delays or charges while these get sorted.

Northern Ireland

If you’re up North, there is still no VAT or duty payable for getting you sheds or garden products from us! Northern Ireland is staying in the Customs Union which is great news for those in Norn Iron!

If however, you’re importing goods to Northern Ireland to ship them into mainland UK, please be aware that these products would be liable for extra charges, as the final destination of the goods would not be N.I.



Don’t get stung with extra charges! Shop local & save money!


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